Purple Moon Designs: An On-Going Journey of Love

I found my first pair of hair sticks at a craft show in 2001, and completely fell in love. After a few weeks of only the one pair, I needed more variety, but didn’t know where to find them. The internet had not yet evolved into what it is today – the world at our finger tips. The need for more hair sticks led to my first venture inside a bead store, where I was able to find what I needed to make my next pair. In my excitement, I sort of over did it with the beads and before I knew it, I had so many hair sticks that I started selling at craft shows and boutiques around town. In time, I have ventured into other types of hair accessories, as well as jewelry, magnets, miniature diorama gardens…

I find that I’m inspired by color and shape more than anything else. Being the self-anointed Queen of Organization and a natural designer, I see the world in patterns, shapes, and colors. I’m also a simplest – to me, this is similar to a minimalist, but not so minimal – this, coupled with my dislike of being the center of attention, leads me to create designs that are clean and, well, simple. (all rules of organization and simplicity are out the window when it comes to my over-stuffed studio)

In addition to my shops on Etsy, my husband and I are also re-landscaping the front and back yards – a true DIY project, so no contractors for us; aquaponics gardening - growing veggies in water that is fertilized by fish (how awesome is that?!); raising chickens – bantam birchin cochin, bantam d’Uccle, and white orpingtons; blogging about quick and easy gardening ideas; and selling on eBay/Half.com. At least those are the ones I can remember at the moment – I’m certain I’m missing something.

All the accessories available at Purple Moon Designs are made by me in my little home studio located in the southern tip of Ventura County, California, smack in the middle of suburbia. We enjoy nearly year-long sunshine and a cool breeze from the beach, which is just over the hill.

Our home and studio are free of fur, smoke, and fragrance due to allergies, so you can rest assured we won’t be adopting a pack of smoking, perfume spraying chihuahuas any time soon. I can’t say I won’t end up with more birds, especially chickens, but they at least live outside. “The Brats” live inside: Sunshine, a male cockatiel, Poppy, a female lovebird.

Where can you find Purple Moon?
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PurpleMoonDesigns
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PurpleMoonDsgn
Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/purplemoondesigns/albums
PMD website - http://www.purplemoondesigns.biz

For a complete list of places to find ME, check my website.

Visit the rest of the Purple Moon collection of Etsy shops:

♥ My jewelry shop, which is full of earrings, anklets, and scarf pins...

* The following shops are on (eternal) vacation...

♥ My magnet shop, cuz magnets are awesome!

♥ My wand shop - the wands are currently sold out...

♥ My miniature garden shop, with garden scenes that fit in your hand...

♥ My destash shop (extra supplies) . . . .

For those of you who made it to the very end of my oh-so-exciting About page: a coupon code! Use LovePMD10 (that’s a ‘ten’ on the end) for ten percent off of your purchase price. The coupon code works in all of my shops except Purple Moon Destash. The discount is does not include shipping charges.

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